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Chef Michael Feker in Wine Cellar



Michael Feker is a renaissance man who spreads his passion and joy of cooking and eating healthy meals through his varied role as: chef; restaurateur; corporate culinary consultant; caterer; culinary instructor, kitchen home design consultant, and product spokesperson.

In addition to his restaurants, Michael has worked as a culinary consultant to Wisconsin’s largest healthcare provider, Aurora Health Care. He assisted them in revamping and reviving their culinary techniques and practices to bring fresh and pure foods to both patients and staff. His cooking videos are also shown on their in-house television network for patients to view.

In 1997, after meeting and marrying his wife, he moved from Los Angeles to Milwaukee, (her hometown) and opened the IL MITO brand. He then went on to open a second Il Mito in 2006, in Wauwatosa, which now has so many fans, they’re nicknamed “the Fekeroodies.” In 2008, he expanded that location to include CMF’s School of Culinary Magic/Chef’s Counter, where he hosts private cooking lessons, gourmet wine and beer tastings, private cooking demonstrations and corporate events.

In 2013, he opened Il Mito East in downtown Milwaukee, serving Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in a casual fine dining setting. IL MITO East closed its doors in October of 2014 to make room for his newest venture, Zesti. In 2015, Michael opened Zesti in Hartland, Wisconsin. Based on his worldly travels and experiences, combined with Feker’s passion for food and culinary artistry, Zesti serves up global cuisine from South African to Chinese dishes.

Prior to making his roots in Milwaukee, Chef Feker was the wonderkid who opened his first

Il Mito in Los Angeles in 1990, one of the first restaurants to settle on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. Close to the studios, Feker make his mark with the media and the community.

Michael lives in Milwaukee for the last 20 years with his wife and three children. The Culinary duo and restaurant entrepreneurs, Chef Feker and his wife were recently featured in Milwaukee’s M magazine as community and Milwaukee-minded activists who have been recognized for using their vocational skills, creativity, and influence to move the city forward working behind the scenes to ensure the city continues to thrive.

Today Chef Feker is indebted to cooking and knows he is at his best when he is teaching. It has shown him his way in life and how to love and give back. For that reason, Feker founded the Culinary and Hospitality Education Foundation (C.H.E.F), a 501c3, www.caringchef.com to empower Milwaukee’s low-income individuals to enter the culinary and hospitality industry by giving them the training, skills, and inspiration to do so.



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